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bohemianGRIT was born of a creative soul's hunger to create. A lifelong maker of things, I needed to feed that side of myself and create something beautiful. I try to use natural materials as much as possible, and take much of my inspiration from nature and landscapes. bohemianGRIT started as a kind of experiment, and continues to evolve and grow as my artistic talents and sensibilities do. Hopefully you find something that makes you feel nurtured and inspired.

bohemianGRIT is about a lot of things: wanderlust, nostalgia, family, beauty, hope, adventure. What calls to you? 



is the face and hands behind bohemianGRIT. She lives in the desert with her husband and three kids. She creates because her soul demands it. She also tells stories, has a taste for good coffee and good whiskey, binge-reads romance novels, sings, and plans obsessively. 

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