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Hello! I’m Anna.

I am mom to two kids (1 and 3) and wife to a surgeon. Creating things is what recharges me and keeps me sane. I love pretty things, coffee, whiskey, and food, and I’m always thinking of ways to make my home more beautiful and peaceful.

It’s been years since I picked up my first loom (okay, probably decades) but I only recently built my first loom large enough to make wall hangings, and now I’m hooked! I love taking inspiration from nature and places and good memories and I love doing custom pieces for people.
Send me a message if that’s something you’re interested in!
As for the printables, I’ve always been a creator, but it’s only recently that I began creating using a computer. I use a combination of
commercially-licensed graphics, textures, and fonts and my own artwork and eye for color and composition.
I also sew, write, paint, crochet, garden, and build, so when I’m not developing digital items or weaving for the shop, I’ve got my hands in something else.
Oh, and raising two kids. That’s a big thing too.
I hope you enjoy what you see in my shop, and if you have any questions, feel free to email me!

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